Welcome to Athena’s Literary Journal!

The Quill showcases work by the Creative Writing students at Athena’s Academy each semester. Our spring, 2023 issue is out. Enjoy!

Creative Writing Courses:

Writer’s Lab nurtures avid writers of all ages. It offers a community where writers engage and support each other with fiction, poetry, or whatever inspires them.

Teen Writer’s Lab is a community of teens who write together collaboratively as well as support students’ individual pursuits. We work on technique and inspiration!

WriteNOW Workshop welcomes writers of all levels and ages to write NOW! This interactive workshop helps students produce fun, creative explorations with words.

Poetry Party is an opportunity for writers of any level of experience to explore a variety of poetic forms together, share inspiration, play with language, and create exciting new work!

Write & Publish a Book teaches kids the fundamentals of book writing: plot, character, scenes, and outline, and guides them through writing a novel about anything they desire.

Creative Writing Roundabout!

Click here to see all the creative writing courses currently being offered at Athena’s!